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When plumbing problems arise, the issue could be deeper-seated than a simple leak. It’s possible that the pipes in a home or business have become corroded or outdated. Nothing lasts forever, and pipes are no different. There are times when the most efficient approach is to go for a completely new pipe installation. Our experienced Mesa repiping technicians can be counted on for a reliable analysis on the condition of the current pipes and good recommendation on how to move forward.

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Trenchless Sewers Repairs & Replacements

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The Signs Pipes Are Failing

How Hydro Jetting Works

A clear sign the pipes are failing is a noticeable decrease in water pressure, or the water no longer becoming hot when it should. Decreased water pressure can be an indication of a blockage in your pipes, and if this is not addressed, it may lead to more serious plumbing issues in the future. Pools of water around your sinks, bathtubs and other fixtures could indicate a major leak happening behind the walls and should be investigated immediately.

These are direct, physical indications of pipe failure. There may also be subtle warning signs, such as increased bills for your monthly utilities. A sudden increase in the electric or gas bill could signal some type of leaking happening within the plumbing system.

Unusual odors coming from drains or sewers may be further signals that pipes are failing. A build-up of debris within pipes, including food scraps, can cause clogging, which in turn can cause highly unpleasant smells to seep in. It’s possible that some type of cleaning–hydro jetting, for example–could help clear out the pipes. It’s also possible that the pipes have run their life’s course.

Each case is different and the extensive experience we have in dealing with these situations can be invaluable in shaping our recommendations to property owners.

Our Mesa repiping professionals are available 24/7, and we do our best to provide same-day scheduling. Call today at (480) 827-9111 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get out there ASAP.

Trenchless Sewers Repairs & Replacements

What to Consider in Pipe Installation

When installing new pipes, there are numerous issues which must be considered in order for the process to go smoothly. It is essential to ensure that the correct type of pipe is being used. Different materials have various levels of durability and longevity. The pipe should be large enough so as not to create any blockages or other restrictions while still being small enough so that it fits comfortably within any existing infrastructure. Common options are ABS pipes, rigid copper pipes, PEX pipes, and PVC pipes. Each one serves a different purpose and can be installed to serve different functions. Our Mesa pipe installation tech will base their recommendation on the unique characteristics of each individual property.

Pipe installation must further involve a careful assessment of all potential risks involving gas lines and sewer systems. These risks should be outlined during installation and a qualified professional should be called upon if any problems occur during this time in order to avoid further damage or injury from occurring.

Proper measurements and calculations must be taken when installing pipes in order to ensure that enough space is accounted for the pipework itself, particularly if traversing through walls or ceilings. Factors such as wall thickness and insulation may mean extra material needs to be added on both ends. The decision involves a potential increase in a cost vis-à-vis the fittings working as they should. It’s important that the Mesa pipe installation professional you work with be one whose judgment and integrity on which you can rely.



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When it comes to judgment and integrity, Smith Plumbing, Heating and Cooling will let our track record of over 50 years and our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau speak for itself. We’ll focus on giving each person who comes to us the reliable diagnosis and service they need.

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